Kevin J Baird conducts interviews with ordinary people around the walking discussing extraordinary things that have happened to them. Also, technical discussions and commentary.
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This time on Kevin's Oblast Radio, Kevin talks about antibiotic resistant bacteria, and Putin's Russia...

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This time on Kevin's Oblast Radio, I interview Anna from Kiev, in the Ukraine.

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Lisa the massage therapist and Yogi is interviewed by Kevin on this week's Oblast Radio.

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Interview with Aleksa from Serbia about his life there and programming as a career.

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This time on Kevin's Oblast Radio, I inteview Proxycell from Canada.  We spend most of the interview discussing what life is like in China and Canada.  It's pretty interesting and a good listen.  Check it out if you're bored.

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This week I interview Jackel about Professional Gaming and his time in Haiti as a missionary filmographer.  I guess that's really a thing.  It's pretty interesting overall, so give it a listen if you're bored at your job flipping burgers all day or whatever it is you do to make money.

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This time on Kevin's Oblast Radio.  Kevin talks to Jeff from Buffalo, New York.

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This time on Kevin's Oblat Radio, Kevin interview Quinton from Salt Lake City Utah.

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This time I interview Kyle and hear about his assorted mishaps and future plans.

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Apologies for the audio issues, but sometimes it's hard to get a good microphone and audio from the UK.  We did our best and it's still an interesting discussion as I interview Tom on his life in the UK.  Check it out...

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This time on Kevin's Oblast Radio, I interview long time listener Dave on his time in Colorado and in the military.  He sounds pretty good for a guy who fell out of a helicopter.

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On this episode, Kevin interviews Kayin Noble about growing up in Detroit and working in the auto industry.  

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So a little late (Ok, a lot late) but here's the Ukraine episode.

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A new and final Oblast for the year 2013..  (Don't worry, more to come in 2014)  

China vs Japan island dispute

Why living in New York is a bad idea


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Kevin interviews Brian Z

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On this episode, we interview Ian.

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This time around, Kevin interviews Josh about growing up in New Jersey under the menacing eye of the judgemental teaching core.

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This week Kevin shares some thoughts on North Korea, communism, capitalism and questions the perspective we have on everything.

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This time, Kevin talks about the NSA spying scandal, and ways to fix the country.  No sounds from hell or spy code transmissions, just common sense talk.

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This week I catch up with Brian on what's been happening with him.

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Beadden joins us for an interview on his life and what it's like teaching in the United States.  Plus, how can one man get in so many accidents and still consider himself a good driver?  Find out in this week's show!

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This week Kevin catches up with LarryMac on what has been happening with his life. 

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Catching up with Jedi on what has been happening in his life.

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Kevin talks about his back problem, and recent tech changes and other odds and ends.

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In this short episode, Kevin discusses what has been ailing him and the oddness of the American medical system in helping him discover a cure.  Plus, as an added bonus, why MRI's are crap.

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This week Kevin talks about The Soviet Union

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This short Oblast is a response to a request to talk about Time.  So Kevin briefly talks about Time Dilation and Special Relativity.

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In this Oblast, Kevin was asked to explain the Economic Collapse of 2007 and what it means for the future.

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This week, Kevin talks about North Korea and the recent happenings over there, and what they mean for the future of the world.

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This week Kevin discusses Music and Movie Copyright, SOPA and Protect IP.

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Kevin does a catch-up of what has been going on with himself, and where things are headed.

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This week we have on a guy from Christ Church New Zealand talking about the Earthquakes they had over there.  Plus life in New Zealand in general.  Great show, give a listen.

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This time around I have Lucas from British Columbia Canada, talking about growing up in the back woods, dealing with living in the city, and what the NHL riots were like there.  We finish up with some talk about E3 2011.

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This week...


Nuclear Meltdown

and a lot of other off the wall topics...

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This week, Kevin interviews Vadim who was born in Russia and now lives on an island in Sweden.  Plus the usual video game banter.  Great show!

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In this episode of Kevin's Oblast Radio, I talk to Sam Philips from Essex England about life in the UK.

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Karate Dog and Kevin discuss European Jews, sorta...  But it breaks down into a good two hours of everything you need to know about getting old and not reaching your dreams.  Really.  But it's very entertaining.

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On this Oblast, I have Deus on from India and we talk about life growing up in India, his eventual move to Canada, the education system, and a little bit of video game talk.

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Crazy Job

Nine Eleven

Lost Soviet Submarine

Direct download: Oblast_09_11_2010.mp3
Category:Oblast -- posted at: 10:40pm EST

This week Kevin plays strange and disturbing audio from around the net.  You probably shouldn't listen to this, it's very disturbing and will bother you.  Go listen to the Spies one instead again, this one is no joke.

Direct download: Oblast_08_07_2010.mp3
Category:Oblast -- posted at: 7:27pm EST

Hillis and Baird plus a little bit of Korber talk about E3.  Terrible audio problems persist for some comic relief.

Direct download: Oblast_07_03_2010.mp3
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And more...

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This week I talk to Aden from Kenya and South Africa.  And we discuss life in Africa.

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06/11/2010 - Kevin's Oblast Radio

This week I have Alex from Japan on to discuss all things Japan including his relative's experience during WWII and the time he lived over there as an exchange student.  Yes, we even discuss Japanese vending machines...

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This week...

North Korea Total War


GPS Insurance


Direct download: Oblast_05_24_2010.mp3
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This week I talk about Holocaust Denial and Iran's Nuclear Capability.  Not really technical, but subjects that I felt I should cover. 

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04/12/2010 - Kevin's Oblast Radio

This week I interview Rich Ginter on what it's like working at Marvel Entertainment.

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This week I have Mayhem on as a guest, and we discuss his career in music.

Direct download: Oblast_03_30_2010.mp3
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This week we have Javier Altman on talking about the earthquake in Chile, as well as life in South America.

Direct download: Oblast_03_05_2009.mp3
Category:Oblast -- posted at: 4:33pm EST

02/28/2010 - Kevin's Oblast Radio

Space Travel
iPhone and Smart Phones
Much more...

Direct download: Oblast_02_28_2010.mp3
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This week, Jedi Hillis joins me to discuss next generation consoles.

Direct download: Oblast_01_25_2010.mp3
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01/19/2010 - Kevin's Oblast Radio

This week I talk to Brian about Truck Driving.

Direct download: Oblast_01_19_2010.mp3
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This week I talk to Ferdi about being an engineer as well as a pilot instructor.
Direct download: Oblast_01_15_2010.mp3
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01/11/2010 - Kevin's Oblast Radio This week, I have Karate Dog on to talk about Cinema, Jews and Hitler, and Politics.  Basically it spins out of control, but I think it's fairly interesting.  Hopefully you will too...
Direct download: Oblast_01_11_2010.mp3
Category:Oblast -- posted at: 7:40pm EST

12/30/2009 - Kevin's Oblast Radio This week I talk to Larry about Web Design.
Direct download: Oblast_12_30_2009.mp3
Category:Oblast -- posted at: 10:30pm EST

12/24/2009 - Kevin's Oblast Radio This week, I talk to Don Anderson about Metal Music Culture from the eighties to today.
Direct download: Oblast_12_24_2009.mp3
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This week I have Donn Suesse on as my guest, and he gives us the run-down on what it's like to work at a Sugar Packaging Company. 
Direct download: Oblast_12_21_2009.mp3
Category:Oblast -- posted at: 2:10pm EST

12/02/2009 - Kevin's Oblast Radio Letters,
Hitler and the German Romance,
Space Travel,
Parchment Paper and Sesame Oil
Other junk...

Apologies for the first few minutes of annoying cell phone noise.  It doesn't last.
Direct download: Oblast_12_02_2009.mp3
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Gaming Crisis:  Project Natal
Systems Admin Talk:  The Never Ending Spam Battle
On The Road: Verizon's MiFi
New Software Exercises:  VSee
Political Skew: The Party
Cooking with Kevin: Pie Theory and Pork Chop Chili
Letter Bag

Pork Chop Chili                     (goes best with Vigo yellow rice and tortillas)

6 Pork Chops (boneless or boned, less work if boneless)

½ cup diced green pepper

½ cup diced onion

4-6 jalapeno peppers

4 large cans of whole peeled tomatoes

Spices: cayenne, salt, pepper (NO CUMIN)

Direct download: Oblast_11_17_2009.mp3
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10/26/2009 - Kevin's Oblast Radio

This week, Jedi joins us for some deep discussion on gaming.

We answer some emails regarding networking and programming.  And touch on a few other topics.  Check it out!

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