Kevin J Baird conducts interviews with ordinary people around the walking discussing extraordinary things that have happened to them. Also, technical discussions and commentary.
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Lisa the massage therapist and Yogi is interviewed by Kevin on this week's Oblast Radio.

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Interview with Aleksa from Serbia about his life there and programming as a career.

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This time on Kevin's Oblast Radio, I inteview Proxycell from Canada.  We spend most of the interview discussing what life is like in China and Canada.  It's pretty interesting and a good listen.  Check it out if you're bored.

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This week I interview Jackel about Professional Gaming and his time in Haiti as a missionary filmographer.  I guess that's really a thing.  It's pretty interesting overall, so give it a listen if you're bored at your job flipping burgers all day or whatever it is you do to make money.

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This time on Kevin's Oblast Radio.  Kevin talks to Jeff from Buffalo, New York.

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This time on Kevin's Oblat Radio, Kevin interview Quinton from Salt Lake City Utah.

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This time I interview Kyle and hear about his assorted mishaps and future plans.

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Apologies for the audio issues, but sometimes it's hard to get a good microphone and audio from the UK.  We did our best and it's still an interesting discussion as I interview Tom on his life in the UK.  Check it out...

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This time on Kevin's Oblast Radio, I interview long time listener Dave on his time in Colorado and in the military.  He sounds pretty good for a guy who fell out of a helicopter.

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On this episode, Kevin interviews Kayin Noble about growing up in Detroit and working in the auto industry.  

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